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This documentation relates to last stable version of Cipango.
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Like in Jetty, all Cipango jars are packaged with file manifests that include appropriate OSGi bundle information. This means that you can import the Cipango jars into an OSGi framework.

The module cipango-osgi/osgi-sipservice expose an OSGi SIP service API :


By default, cipango-osgi modules are not compiled.

cd cipango-osgi
mvn install

Installation in felix

Felix is an OSGi framework and can be downloaded here .

Copy in ${felix.home}/bundles the following jars:

  • sip-api-1.1.jar
  • servlet-api-2.5.jar
  • cipango-dar-2.1.jar
  • cipango-jmx-2.1.jar
  • cipango-server-2.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
  • jetty-continuation-7.5.0.v20110901.jar
  • jetty-http-7.5.0.v20110901.jar
  • jetty-io-7.5.0.v20110901.jar
  • jetty-jmx-7.5.0.v20110901.jar
  • jetty-security-7.5.0.v20110901.jar
  • jetty-server-7.5.0.v20110901.jar
  • jetty-servlet-7.5.0.v20110901.jar
  • jetty-util-7.5.0.v20110901.jar
  • jetty-webapp-7.5.0.v20110901.jar
  • jetty-xml-7.5.0.v20110901.jar


The module cipango-osgi/test-cipango-osgi show a basic use of the SIP OSGi service. When this service is available, it register 4 servlets (similar as the ones in extra/load-sipapp module.

This module can be compiled and installed with the following commands:

cd cipango-osgi/test-cipango-osgi
mvn install
cp target/test-cipango-osgi-2.1-SNAPSHOT.jar ${felix.home}/bundles
cd ${felix.home}
java -jar bin/felix.jar

Then is could be tested with SIPp scripts in extra/load-sipapp/src/test/sipp

Note: The cipango-osgi/test-cipango-osgi module is also used for integration tests.

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