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littleIMS consists in an Open Source implementation of several IMS/TISPAN network elements. The goal of littleIMS is to provide most of the features found in an IMS network in a simple and extensible way. littleIMS is also a reference application showing how to develop converged SIP/HTTP/Diameter applications using cipango and the Spring/Hibernate/Wicket application stack.

Community support

Support is available from the following mailing-lists. You may also create JIRA issues.


Bug Tracking/Feature Requests


littleIMS is composed of:

  • A S-CSCF which offers:
    • a Mw interface
      • to allow IMS terminals to connect to S-CSCF,
      • to inter-operate with CSCFs
      • an ISC interface to enable the integration of application servers,
    • a Mr interface to interoperate with MRFC
    • A Diameter Cx interface to connect to a HSS
  • An HSS database which offers:
    • A Diameter Cx interface to connect to I-CSCF and S-CSCF
    • A Web provisionning interface
  • A P-CSCF
  • An I-CSCF
    • A Diameter Cx interface to connect to a HSS

Getting started


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