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This documentation relates to last stable version of Cipango.
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kaleo is an application framework which provides sample location (proxy/registrar) and presence services. Kaleo is compliant with the following specifications:

Running Kaleo

Build Kaleo

kaleo is located under the extras directory of your cipango sources directory. To build from the sources, follow these steps:

  1. Open a command prompt window and navigate to your cipango root directory
  2. Go to the kaleo framework directory and build it:
    cd extras/kaleo
    mvn install

Start Kaleo

To start kaleo, copy the generated sip application (located under the target directory of kaleo) to your cipango application deployment directory or start directly the application from the kaleo directory with the maven cipango plugin:

mvn cipango:run

Test kaleo

Integration tests

Integration tests can be run with the command:

cd extras/kaleo
mvn install -Ditest

Using Mercuro

Mercuro is a free IMS softphone available for download here.

Kaleo does not need any provisionning, the registrar allows every registrations (no authentication).

Mercuro should be configured to use XCAP:
In Open Tools > Options > Contacts, select "Store contacts on a Remote Server" and set in Base URL, the value:

In Open Tools > Options > Presence, select "Enable Presence" and ensures that the options "Enable RLS Presence" and "Enable Partial Publication" are not checked

To authorize a user to see the presence, in Contacts > Authorizations, click on the allow button.

Then, the user see the presence.

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