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This documentation relates to last stable version of Cipango.
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cipango-example-sipapp is a simple proxy/registrar with a click to dial web interface.

How to use


The registrar allows registration from any domain without any authentication. Any SIP compliant phone should be able to register (see #Softphone configuration).

Registered phones are available at:


The URI may be (depending of how the application has been delpoyed)


You may place calls between two registered phone by dialing the number of the phone you would like to call.

Click to dial

This service requires to have at least two SIP phones registered.

To create a new call, point your browser to:


Softphone configuration


X-Lite is a free SIP softphone available for download here. When you start X-Lite, it looks like:

To add a SIP account, click on the arrow on the left part of the top menu and select SIP Account Settings.... The following window then appears:

Click then on Add... to configure a SIP account. For instance, if Cipango is running on address with default SIP port 5060 and you would like to configure, fill the properties as follows:

Click OK and you're done. You may now call other SIP terminals registered on the same Cipango instance.

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    Where is the source code of cipango-example-sipapp?