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This documentation relates to last stable version of Cipango.
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Cipango offers an early support of the WebSocket Transport for Session Initiation Protocol draft.
To enable support for the WebSockets connector, you must compile the cipango-websockets module. To do so, go to the top-level directory of the cipango sources and type:

cd extras
mvn install -P websocket

The compiled module has then to be installed in the cipango distribution as follows:

cp cipango-websocket/target/cipango-websocket-2.1-SNAPSHOT.jar ../cipango-distribution/target/distribution/lib/ext/
cp cipango-websocket/src/main/config/etc/cipango-websocket.xml ../cipango-distribution/target/distribution/etc/

To use WebSockets transport, your SIP Application must include the file test-cipango-websocket/src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/jetty-web.xml in its WEB-INF directory and cipango must be started as below:

java --ini=start-cipango.ini etc/cipango-websocket.xml

The host name ( property in the start command line above) of the HTTP connector must be set since it is necessary to the SIP WebSockets connector.

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