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This documentation relates to last stable version of Cipango.
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Load tests are done with the application load-sipapp and SIPp.
This application allows testing Cipango in the following modes:

  • UAS
  • Back to back
  • Proxy

SIPp scripts are provided in extras/load-sipapp/src/test/sipp.


Load-sipapp is located under the extras directory of your cipango sources directory. To build from the sources, follow these steps:

  1. Open a command prompt window and navigate to your cipango root directory
  2. Go to the load-sipapp directory and build it:
    cd extras/load-sipapp
    mvn install


  1. Start Cipango with right memory configuration (see also Improve performance)
    java -Xmx1700M -Xms1700M -XX:+UseParNewGC -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -jar start.jar etc/cipango.xml
  2. configure SIPp environment
    • on Unix/Linux: edit extras/load-sipapp/src/test/sipp/unix/
    • on Microsoft Windows: edit extras/load-sipapp/src/test/sipp/windows/setEnv.cmd
  3. Run the scripts:
    • message.bat/.sh: For a simple MESSAGE test, Cipango acting as UAS
    • ./ -s uas or uac.bat -s uas: For a simple call test, Cipango acting as UAS
    • then ./ -s b2b or uac.bat -s b2b: For a simple call test, Cipango acting as Back-to-back user agent
    • then ./ -s proxy or uac.bat -s proxy: For a simple call test, Cipango acting as a proxy

For tests calls, to add a delay between ACK and BYE requests, add the SIPp parameters -d delay in milliseconds. For instance, ./ -s uas -d 2000 or uac.bat -s uas -d 2000

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